Future Technologies That Will Change The World

The technology already changed the world so much in the last decades and there’s no doubt that will stop anytime soon. As new gadgets are being developed every day, we must prepare for the moment when things will be changed dramatically by technology. At the moment, the most imminent tech that is going to really change the way we interact is:

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality is the technology developed to be able to reproduce realistic images, sounds and even sensations for a real-life experience. The trick of Virtual Reality is that it’s not only about images and sounds, it also tricks your psychological components into thinking you’re really present in that virtual medium. Indeed, VR is already being used, however, the moment this technology will be broadly available, the way we travel, work or entertain will definitely change.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI as it’s often referred to, is the ability of a computer or machine to perform certain tasks that normally require the skills and intelligence of a human. The best example that we’re already seeing at work are the robots used in different industries like customer service, assembly lines or even medical. Artificial Intelligence does not necessarily need to take a physical form and here we’re thinking about Siri, Cortana or Alexa.

Self-driven cars

A lot of huge companies around the world are working really hard to develop the first truly autonomous vehicle. Google, Samsung, Apple or Uber are just a few examples of really big names that invest billions of dollars into this new technology. As the name says, these are cards that can drive by themselves without the aid of human guidance and some of the producers even think they should not need fuel as well.  There were several tests so far and there are a lot of tweaks to be done to the technology and the sensors involved. But pretty soon we will be able to sit and relax maybe read the newspaper while the car takes us to work.

Inter-connected objects

Also known as Internet of Things, this technology is all about different devices or household appliances that are able to communicate with one another through Wi-Fi. It is more than a connection to the Internet, these objects depend on a lot of electronics, software, actuators and sensors to make real-time communication possible. A very good example in this direction is the smart house, where everything from the heater to the chicken sink is connected and can be controlled from your smartphone.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality really changes the way we look at the world. Just imagine yourself driving one day and be able to see all sorts of useful data and information on the windshield of your car. Or, in a Hollywood-like approach, imagine walking down the street and being able to make a T-Rex pop-up out of nowhere. A good example of a pioneer in augmented reality technology is Pokémon Go.